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Historian Tyler Stovall Dies at age 67

I wouldn't have a PhD for not Tyler Stovall's unfailing support and education. As an undergraduate I had an equal amount of European and American history credits and was not sure which geographical area to concentrate in. Tyler's work on Harlem in Montmartre, Black Europe, Josephine Baker, and post-colonial studies was highly influential while writing my dissertation. I wanted to do what he did with African Americans and Jazz in France after WWI, but only I would focus on African Americans and Jazz in post-WWII Germany. He consulted me like a colleague on Jazz when I did not have my PhD yet. Panels, independent studies, grant opportunities, blunt explanations of academic politics and more, Tyler was always there to guide me. And from what I understand he was there for many others. He shined with kindness. I cannot believe he has passed. It is utterly shocking. This is a great obituary, although he has many and deserves many. My musician friends might remember his sister, DJ Leslie Stovall. My condolences to his family.


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