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Stage Plot 




Please check on which band members will be present.

Kim Nalley (Vocalist):

  • Shure Beta 58 mic.

  • Two monitors with mixes separate from the rest of the band.

  • Ultima round-bottomed mic stand.

  • backless stool

  • Sound system and sound person.

  • Sound system specs are dependent on the room and should be consulted and contracted with the sound company.

  • Lights preferable white.  Let me know if there is a video screen possibility.

  • Name Kim Nalley should appear on the stage itself.


Tammy Hall (Piano background vocals):

  • a grand/baby piano in good condition and tuned regularly including day of performance.

  • Monitor for piano.

  • Shure Beta 58 Mic

  • Boom stand for mic

  • Piano Bench (preferably Adjustable height)

  • If an acoustic piano  is impossible, please notify us because it will change the tune selection. The following are acceptable electric substitutes. Nord, Kurzweil, Yamaha or Roland board with 88 weighted keys and sustain pedal. Comparable amp is Roland 350 or 650 and 4 channel mixer with stereo speakers and monitors.


Kent Bryson (Drums):

  • Four piece drum set:

  • 18" or 20" bass drum

  • 12" mounted tom

  • 14" floor tom

  • 5"x14" snare drum, with coated head

  • Must include mount for mounted tom

  • legs for floor tom

  • snare stand

  • hi hat stand

  • bass drum pedal with felt beater

  • two cymbal stands (including felts and sleeves)

  • drum throne

  • rug to set up on.

  • Monitor for drums

  • please do not mic the drums for halls under 350


Marcus Selby (Bass)

  • Owns completely acoustic double bass with no input. Microphone should be placed near the F Hole.  A separate monitor may be necessary at Mr. Shelby’s request.


Michael Zisman (Bass):

  • 4 string, ¾ size acoustic upright bass with metal strings and a medium set up. It should have a transducer pick up on it, preferably “the Realist” pickup. This is the type of bass that is most widely available in or near urban areas. Sometimes only electric upright basses will be available. Please check with artist about this. Acoustic “guitar basses” are not acceptable in place of an acoustic upright bass. Basses can be rented at many music stores, through internet resources such as, and are most often best procured through the company providing the backline. Pick up and Delivery will be needed for rental basses. Total typical cost $100-$300

  • It will cost up to $1000 for Michael to bring the instrument including case rental and air transport and assuming the airlines will take the bass on any given day. Large vehicle ground transport and case storage will also be required.

  • GK112 is the preferred amp for the acoustic bass but most Gallien-Krueger amps will do. 2 -10 cabinet will be good with a larger amp head. Polytone 1 -15 and Acoustic Image amps are also acceptable.

 (Guitar): (In order of preference)

  • 65 Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue amp

  • Any 20-40 watt Fender tube amp w/ one or two 10" to 12" speakers

  • Any 20-60 watt tube amp

  • backless stool


Back stage rider

  • a private place to change clothes.

  • bathroom with handicap access

  • mezze/charcuterie platter. No avocados Ms. Hall is allergic.

  • 2 bears

  • 1 white wine

  • Hot meal for concerts for more than three hours including load in.

  • 4 black towels on stage and 4 back stage

  • Water backstage

  • 4 bottles of water preset on the stage.

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